Equicom foaling cameras
Wireless foaling camera systems with night vision and sound
Wireless foaling cameras

Wireless foaling camera systems available with up to 4 cameras on each system.

Our wireless foaling cctv camera systems can also be wired and include the fittings for it.

Wireless foaling camera

Wireless foaling camera system with night vision & sound. 
Single wireless foaling camera system with night vision & sound.
 Foaling camera - with our wireless foaling camera system you will be able to monitor your mare foaling in her stable from the comfort of your home, & leave her in peace ,as well as being able to view the birth of the foal and check for any signs of distrees, discomfort or problems whilst the mare is foaling.

 Effective range is 95 meters through 2 standard block walls. Not suitable for inside metal sheds - other systems available.

 This wireless foaling camera system is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It allows you to monitor your mare foaling from the comfort of your own home or nearby location. It has 30 infra-red led which allow clear night vision of up to 15 meters. The wireless foaling camera has a built in microphone so you can hear as well as see & a choice of 4 channels. The 4 channel receiver connects to the tv and also has all the leads & power supplies include so it is very simple and easy ro use. The foaling camera system has a high power 2.4g transmitter with a 1/3 inch lens built into the cameras. Its features include colour day vision, sound, auto night vision, 4 channel tv receiver, tv lead, power adaptors, manual, 12 month guarantee.

This system also has the ability to be wired as well as wireless (cables in various lengths available) and includes the necessary fittings. Also includes fully adjustable mounting bracket.

 Includes 1 high power foaling camera with night vision and sound, 1 receiver which connects to tv, leads, mounting bracket & manual & power adaptors.